About the building

The apartments are ready for moving in.

Exterior walls: log walls + 10–15 cm insulation, the walls are covered from the inside with a double gypsum board.
Interior walls: the walls between apartments are mainly log + carcass walls with insulating layers covered from both sides with a double gypsum board. For strengthening the kitchen walls, a layer of plywood is placed underneath the gypsum board.
Ceilings: in stairwells light-stain wooden boards and plaster, in apartments gypsum board.
Floors: strengthened floors isolated with 30 cm of blown wool, covered with a layer of concrete that holds the water underfloor heating pipes.
Roof: Light-gauge roof. Roof ceiling insulation 33 cm, covered with gypsum board.
Windows: Rekman wooden windows with triple glazing, windows open both inward and outward.
Doors: exterior doors from Ohtu Puit, interior doors from Viljandi Aken ja Uks.
Security: video intercom system.
Heating: The heating system includes water underfloor heating. A combined air to water heat pump / gas furnace (Daikin) secures optimal heating also during frosty winters.
Ventilation: Each apartment has its own autonomous adjustable ventilation assembly with heat recovery.